“My name is MARIA and I want to share my experience with some activities that Loudoun Literacy Council has for the education for the children of which I feel very grateful and proud that my daughter Dayanna could benefit as much as my son Jimmy who attended this program who is now in second grade. The program interested my kids in reading because every week they take a new book home to read. My daughter Dayanna is always very excited when she takes a new book home and looks forward listening to me read to her. We also attend book parties with the children of other head start families, Dayanna loves to take her brother Jimmy and her dad too. I also want to share about the English classes that the program offers for the parents, I have attended several courses in which I have learned a lot of English and thanks to that I feel more confident and have better communication with my children’s teachers as well as helping my kids with school tasks. As a mother of four I have always liked to be involved in everything that has to do with education for them. I have learned so much more than I thought and attending family meetings every month along with meetings of the board of directors has helped me to be more social for example; I remember when I was a little shy to speak in public but little by little I became used to it. I thank the staff for helping me. In addition to being very professional with what they do, they are very kind, friendly, supportive and very respectful. I’m grateful I had the privilege of being elected as the president for Head Start Policy Council, I feel very proud and happy. This is just one part of many good things to say about this wonderful program. Lastly I want to thank everyone who is involved for putting effort and interest that our children can have a good education.”


Loudoun Literacy Council’s programs serve her children and her family