Adult Literacy Program

Loudoun Literacy Council offers a variety of options for community members who are 18 years of age and older to achieve their literacy goals. Classes are taught year round at partner sites throughout the county. All services are performed by trained volunteers from the community and overseen by our professional staff.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Classes
ESOL classes of various levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced)
Placement in the appropriate class level is determined by a short test at the time of registration.

Tutoring:  Individualized tutoring sessions are available for those who need work in a specific area or for those who missed the deadline for classes or who need tailored instruction to meet a personal or professional goal.  Tutoring placement is based upon subject and availability.

Tutoring is offered in the following areas:
Basic English
GED Preparation
Citizenship Test Preparation
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
Business English for the Professional
Professional Certification Support
Conversational English
Tailored Instruction as Needed for English Language Learners

Financial Literacy Classes

Health Literacy Classes

Jobsite Literacy
Workplace Literacy classes are available to local businesses who would like to offer this opportunity to their employees at their work site.  Loudoun Literacy Council staff works with the employer to determine their needs and classes are tailored to suit the students at each site.

Join Our Volunteer Team

There is a great need for volunteers to help adults develop the English skills to find a job, go shopping, get a driver’s license, make a doctor’s appointment, finish school, read to their children or achieve their personal and professional goals.   No experience necessary – just a big heart and a few hours training with us on[…]

Family Literacy Program

The Family Literacy Program serves at-risk children and their families in our community through several different initiatives:  Head Start, Sweet Dreams, and Baby Book Bundles.  Through these efforts we are able to put thousands of new and gently used books into the hands and homes of low income families in[…]

English Classes throughout Loudoun County