About Us

Loudoun Literacy Council has been changing lives through reading and learning to promote personal growth and empowerment in Loudoun County since 1980. We believe that literacy remains essential to achieving community-wide aspirations of developing young learners, strengthening families, enabling parents to participate in the education of their children, and ensuring access to opportunities for economic advancement.


Loudoun Literacy Council’s mission is to teach English communication skills and provide literacy resources to empower low-income adults and children to become self-sufficient and confident in their ability to achieve their personal and professional goals.


Our vision is that all those who live and work in Loudoun County will have the literacy skills required to participate and thrive in our community.

Core Values:

  • Respect for our program participants, volunteers, and staff.
  • Collaboration among the board and staff as well as with our volunteers and partners in the community.
  • Inclusiveness in our programs and events so that all feel welcome.
  • Service to our community and its residents.
  • Trust in the positive intent with which we all approach our work.
  • Empowerment of our program participants and the staff and volunteers who serve them.
  • Transparency and ethical behavior in all interactions.
  • Commitment to race and gender equity in our program development, staffing decisions, and board decisions.