Loudoun Literacy Council



Sarah Ali, Executive Director
Sarah joined Loudoun Literacy Council in the spring of 2016 and became Executive Director in June, 2017.  In her former work as educator at the Children’s Science Center and coordinator for several school-based STEM programs, she enjoyed serving as an enabler for learning.  Sarah graduated from Cornell University and holds a Masters from Harvard School of Public Health.  In her free time, she plays tennis with her sons, hikes, volunteers for local environmental organizations, and attends a book group.  Contact Sarah at sali@loudounliteracy.org.  

Tanya Bosse, Family Literacy Program Director
Tanya has been with the Family Literacy Program since February of 2008. She holds a degree in Therapeutic Recreation and started off her career as a preschool teacher and then worked in the corporate sector before returning to work in the non-profit world.  She has enjoyed volunteering with several Loudoun County organizations and brings a love of children, education and giving back to the community to her work. Contact Tanya at tbosse@loudounliteracy.org.